How it’s working

INVESTOOR supports its issuers
Crowdfunding, or social financing, allows ambitious entrepreneurs (like you!) to gain access to equity or quasi-equity on clear and stable terms. So, due to the INVESTOOR platform you can show your project to a wide group to take advantage of development opportunities and / or create a leverage effect with other funding entities.

Use the knowledge and support of the INVESTOOR team, quickly raise funds and use an extensive network of individual investors to create a loyal and committed community of ambassadors..

    Raising the share capital or maybe another form of obtaining assets?
    INVESTOOR is a partner in the field of consulting in financing, development and expansion for projects with potential that is above the average.

    The INVESTOOR community, including PE / VC funds, finance innovative, ambitious and bold projects. With us you will gain visibility among potential investors, ambassadors and journalists and digitise management of shareholders' relations.

    The INVESTOOR team also supports mature companies, SMEs, cooperatives, accelerators that seek support in raising capital through equity crowdfunding.

    Monitor and administer your crowdfunding issuance on an ongoing basis with INVESTOOR.

    The INVESTOOR platform allows you to prepare, launch and track a crowdfunding campaign in a 100% remote way. Thanks to the tools provided by INVESTOOR, you gain a competitive advantage in communication with potential shareholders.

    Among the many features offered by INVESTOOR, investors especially value "LIVE options", thanks to which they can talk directly to you, wherever they are. We help prepare this exchange of knowledge and information, and then disseminate it within the community to increase your reach.

    Whether it takes a few minutes or a few months, INVESTOOR offers a range of tools needed to support the issuer's issuances. Many years of experience in the Private Equity sector and specialist knowledge about new technologies confirms that INVESTOOR is the best platform for information about its issueance.

    Take advantage of the wisdom and unique competence of your community. Involve them in your project.

    Like in social networks, INVESTOOR allows you to post messages - public or not - to investors who follow you. They are transmitted by e-mails, once a week and on the platform in real time.

    Issuance of shares is also a perfect way to verify one's business, including a business model, and involve a community. Often individual investors have unique competences that will allow them to gain an advantage over their competition. Their support is invaluable.

    The INVESTOOR team can help you organise events (roadshows, afterworks, events etc.) to meet with investors interested in your project. Because although virtual investing is comfortable and modern, nothing can replace real interpersonal relationships.